Compassionate Cannabis in CA

Support SB 34 – Tell Gov. Newsom to Sign!

SB 34, which will restore compassionate care cannabis programs in California, is on the Governor’s desk for his signature or veto. Please take a minute to send a message to Governor Newsom to urge his support for SB 34, which will remove taxes on compassionate cannabis in California and allow for patients with a medical recommendation to receive donated cannabis.

This would give cannabis licensees the right to donate medical products to patients without accruing tax liability, and expands the definition of who can receive donated cannabis

This bill is critically important to Californians. With the advent of Prop 64, existing compassionate care programs — a cornerstone of our legal medical market — ended. As a result, veterans, seniors, disabled, and vulnerable low-income Californians who rely on cannabis as medicine have been cut off from safe, legal and tested products.

Patients are not an abstraction — they are your friends, neighbors, and constituents, and today they are suffering. People with HIV, AIDS, cancer, Tourettes, Parkinson’s and other conditions should not be shut-out from the legal market simply because they cannot afford to buy legal products, which are 40-60% more expensive than those products sold illegally.

We urge you to help re-establish the patient-focused market Californians intended. Please sign SB 34.